Can't Create New Character

Player.log (12.7 KB)
I’m trying to make a new Primalist after downloading today’s update and nothing happens when I click the “Create Character” button other than the clicking noise being played.

I took a peek in the player log that I’ve included on this post and it appears that it thinks the name “Kuma” contains a bad word. I’m unsure why that is since it’s just Japanese for bear.

Hey there… Kuma has a bad connotation translation in Swahili…

See Urban Dictionary: kuma

Granted its not known in the rest of the world… seems like EHG have added this in preparation for MP but their problem word list might be a little esoteric…

Ah, I didn’t know that. It would’ve been handy if there was an error after I clicked the Create Character button notifying me about the name since I only found out from looking at the player log.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we definitely need an error message there to show what is going on. We will get that fixed, thank you for pointing it out.


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