Can't complete "The Admiral's Dreadnought" Quest

I completed the Quest and freed the NPC after the Bossfight. Then, I hat to leave the game for reasons. Now I logged in again an killed the Boss aganin, but the NPC is in its cage an says something like “Say me, if you are ready to jum off the deck”. All I can answer is “Goodbye” and nothing happens. The NPC stll has the ? on its head an I cant jump off the ship.

Do you have the waypoint to the Shining Cove in the desert? After killing the boss there should be a questionmark at the edge of the ship to the north for you to jump off it. If not then we need to figure out a way to handle this quest better.

If the portal was activated as part of the quest reward, or at the same time, then it would always be available even if the player logs off before jumping ship.

The Shining Cove desert is locked. My Quest-Status is this: QuestLE hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

I can go to the Boss again … it looks like this afterwards:

And I cant jump off the ship:


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Wow, that was a quick fix! I’m impressed!

Get used to it… These guys dont mess around in the week or two after a patch drops… They might have shot themselves in the foot by elevating our expectations to such lofty levels tho… :wink:

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