Can't complete fall of outcast epoc 1.0

hi first time epoch player here i was at end game of first fall of outcast i have complete over 96 echoes now, but i can’t find the boss, all i see is reset echo, revert echo web , during my first try i somehow reset the echos, and start a new one after that i couldn’t find boss echos, please help thanks my stability is over 500 and don’t move now , i only see reset and revert

There is no boss echo on the web. You access it by completing the quest echoes on the left side of the screen while looking at the web which unlock as you gain stability. You need to do two quests and the third one is the boss.

i saw my quest is locked but i have over 500 in stabilty that is werid

it stopped adding after 500 but my left side said quest locked

The first one is locked? That is very weird then and probably a bug. You have plenty of stability for it.

It should be yellow with the option to go ahead and start it.

thanks i relog in the server it is ok now , thank you i stayed in the server all day today


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Make sure you’re not meaning the boss echo being locked as that’s one’s supposed to be locked until you do the first two on non-empowered monos.