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Can't click through rock/walls/pillars

So I’m facing the boss (or mini-boss) in the lower district, and I find myself not being able to click the ground (or basically move about properly) through the rock/pillars. I was streaming at the time, so I’ll leave a link with the exact time frame it happens. I hope that’s okay. Not sure if it’s a bug, but it seems like an inconvenience if nothing else.

About 55min 45s in the bug happens. At 58min in I attempt to replicate the issue, which I do. At about 1hr 23min 10s in another similar situation happens but the wall/pillar becomes translucent and I can move properly.

I’m playing windowed, medium settings and have two monitors.

Nivdia 1060 oc 3gb, i5-7400, 16gb ram, z270 motherboard (I think).

I stream on Mixer (FTL) with OBS at 720p, 30fps. Main monitor is 1080p, second is 720p.

Thanks for the report!

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