Can't click on Echo loot stone


After completing a echo in a monolith (empowered Echo of a World) I can’t click on the flashing stone to collect the rewards afterwards. I didn’t die and it’s still flashing on main screen and minimap.

Most echoes work fine but every now and then I can’t click on it. It highlights (white border) when I hover over it ,but clicking doesn’t open the reward stone (in the middle). I have not had the problem with the extra reward chest on the outside of the platform yet.

Thanks, and good luck

I do have the same problem, 3 times in one game (were off one was purple item drop…).
But once I managed to open it when it got “stuck”, then I ran around like a fool clicking everywhere around the stone, but it only workt once. However, the treasure chest has also got stuck ½ the times when the stone i stuck.