Can't Cast Static on Lagon

Lagon’s hitbox is wonky-- it’s unclear generally where you need to aim abilities to hit him. Static (Mage ability) won’t hit him even if I’m up next to his eye.


Lightning Blast will also only sometimes hit, or only from certain angles, making it a very not fun fight that takes about 100x longer than it should if your main two damaging abilities are Lightning Blast and Static.

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Can confirm my lightning blasts were also wonky! This was very unfun considering I’ve invested almost everything into big static damage lol

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+1 to this. Static seemed to hit 0/100s of hits. Lightning Blast hit ~1/2.

very annoying! about 95% of my damage is static lol bit of a brick wall not sure what to do…

Bug // Static+ Lightning blast not hitting Lagon - YouTube quick recording of it

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This was fine in the campaign, during the monoliths this gets much more annoying