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Can't Apply Suffix in Empty Slot

Don’t know if this has been identified or if I’m just losing it. I’m trying to craft a helm and want to apply a Increased Health Regen suffix. I have one suffix already and when I try to apply this new suffix it shows as “CANNOT BE APPLIED.” The suffix shows that it can be applied to a helm and the slot is avaiilable, don’t understand why I can’t apply this one.
Suffix Can’t be (717.2 KB)

I tested his myself and it seems to be working correctly.

Can you provide a screenshot of the affixes on the helm itself? If it’s an old helm there might be some weirdness on affixes reworked from prefixes to suffixes that could prevent you from crafting on it.

The screenshot I uploaded it was that one but here’s a better shot.
Suffix Can’t be (391.9 KB)
It may be the case that it could be on old helm like you said, I’ll have to check that.

Hey… To chip in here, @KissingAiur is right… its probably an old drop from before the affixs were restructured - I have a ton of items that have the wrong “positioned” affixes that I cannot forge on anymore in exactly the same way that you describe… Nothing to do but junk them and move on… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I get that possibility and this is probably an old helm I had in my stash, and some do have mixed up affixes, but this one has two prefixes that are still prefixes and one suffix that is still a suffix so I thought I should be able to put another suffix on it.

Thanks for the response. I’ll just keep farming for a good helm drop. :slight_smile: