Can't add passive points in Sorc tree even with requirements

I am level 38 Mage with Sorcerer Mastery. I currently have 24 points allocated to Mage tree, and 21 points allocated to Sorcerer Tree. However, when I try to add points to the Lavamancer passive node, it won’t allow me to add skill points (I have 3 unused). According to the node, I meet all 3 requirements for the passive.

Not sure if this is a bug, or maybe I am missing something?
I’d appreciate any help or insight, Thanks!

I assume you have put at least 1 point in the preceeding passive Pyromancer?

If so, could you upload your character to the build planner & link it.

Thank you for the quick response. I had thought I had added into Pyromancer my previous level, but I must not have. That fixed it and I was able to add points to Lavamancer.
I just started playing this week, so I’m still getting used to the mechanics.

Thanks again!

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