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Can't Access Stash

As the title says, I’m not able to access my stash @ The Council Chambers.

When I hover my mouse over the stash I see a text bubble with “…”, as if the game thinks it’s interacting with an NPC or something.

Update 1: Hitting “Leave Game” in the ESC menu & then entering another seems to temporarily fix the issue. But, after closing the player stash you’re locked out once again.

Update 2: You can trick the game into letting you into your stash by summoning a minion in front of the stash (I’m using the wolf). You can also spam click the stash as you use “Fury Leap” to gain access.

stand north of the stash, click (aim for the small lock) and u should be able to open the stash without any issues

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Thanks for the tip. It appears the Blacksmith’s “hitbox” (not sure what the proper term is) is overlapping the stash’s. Something along those lines as far as I can tell.

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