Cannot unlock empowered monoliths

Hello, when I go to the middle isle after completing the 3 lv 90 monoliths nothing happens.
Yet all my blessing slots are filled so I am sure I did them all.

Did they change the system or is it a bug?

I am playing offline in case it makes a difference.

Thank you!


I forgot to mention this is an old character, does it make a difference?
I have many other characters and never had any problems to unlock it but I don’t really feel like starting another necro and redo everything…

I have the same problem, if you port out from the rock and port back you will have the screen zoom out but nothing happens, the ui goes away and the only solution is alt f4.

Same circumstances, old character all blessings filled but nothing happens when walking to the middle.

Same issue here, been unable to find a fix for it thus far. Really hope a fix comes out soon

I’m having the same problem on a character from before the patch. I don’t get a softlock or anything, if not for the fact that I already knew empowered monoliths exist I wouldn’t know anything was wrong. The three quests for the 90 monos are complete, I have the blessings, but nothing happens in the center island. I’m also an offline player; is there a known way to save edit to work around the issue?

Did anyone got any solutions? I might be trying to re-do the last 3 monos, maybe the “transferring” was not 100% successfull, so that the progress was lost during that.

Same problem here. Are we waiting for a patch?

same Problem here, relog also does not help (new char after patch 0.9)

Can confirm, this is happening to me too on an old character. (offline)

Right now i’ve finished one of the 90 monos and and little glow did not came up, so no sense in trying to redo all 3 probably. Maybe the whole character got bricked somehow. Nice.

Same situation in here. Playing (offline) char and cannot unblock empowered monoliths although I cleared all content necessary already.

From what I see the problem seems to be occuring both online and offline and with new and old characters. I hope they do a hotfix soon!

same here, offline and created like 3 months ago

Same here, hopefully we get a response from the devs about this.

My situation:

  • Offline char
  • Completed all 3 level 90 mono (got blessings)
  • Haven’t completed campaign questline fully (can’t find any info if this is required)
  • Nothing happens when walking to the middle junction of the 3 level 90 monos

I have the same issue. New offline character with start of 0.9

any solutions? rly want to take my necro to lvl 100 monos …

Same issue here guys on an online char. Nothing happening in middle island after completing the 3 lvl 90 mono and getting the blessings. I was hoping to farm empowered :frowning:

EDIT : Ok so I left the game and relogged and it is now working. Do any of you still have the issue with offline characters even after relogging ?

Sorry about this, we’ll work on getting a fix as soon as possible!

For those encountering this problem, this information would be helpful:
At the center island, do the 3 indicators light up to show that you’ve completed the 3 requisite timelines?
When you approach the center island, does the camera pan over to the catalyst in the middle? If so, can you then walk over and click on that catalyst and receive the “empowered timelines unlocked” message? If the camera does not return control to you after it pans over the catalyst, that’s also valuable information.
Is the center catalyst accessible, or is the ground not formed around it, preventing access?
Does any of this change if you leave the Monolith of Fate and re-enter it? If you’re in online, you’ll need to stay outside the Monolith of Fate for 1 minute to get a new instance.

Posting your player log would also be helpful:


For me is like this, no light up and finished quest.

Player.log (42.6 KB)
Player-prev.log (139.0 KB)

I have exactly identical situation. No lights up with all 3 lvl 90 Monoliths done