Cannot Teleport To Party Member And Load Sucessfully

After inviting a friend to play with and trying to teleport to them I cannot load in - they are able to load in and successfully play with me even at the same progress, but not the other way around. Game just is in a perpetual load screen and I have to go to character select or alt+f4.

I’m having the same issue. It started on 3/12 I was not experiencing the issue before then. My starting zone was the end of time and the destination zone was in the monolith’s. Tried with starting zones in the campaign and different destinations and no luck getting past the load screen. Only solutions to enter the game are to leave to character selections or close out of the game.

You can work around this issue by manually going to the same zone your target player is in and only using the party tp when you’re in the same zone as the target person

this happened to me and my friend a lot while trying to do monoliths together. we didn’t have any similar issues outside of monoliths, though, not even in The End of Time. the only way we could consistently run monoliths together was to meet in The End of Time and walk into the monoliths zone.


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