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Cannot Specialize Dread Shade

Am I missing something here? Is this a bug? I’ve quit and come back into the game, reset all my points multiple times and I cannot choose Dread Shade in the specializations. It’s the only skill of all them (aside other’s picked) that is grey when I choose the slot I want to put it in.

This should only happen when you are already specialized in a skill. Sounds like a dumb question, but are you already specialized in Dread Shade? Can you upload a pic attempting to choose a skill?

I didn’t have it specialized but I agree however I just respecced to a different build and was leveling and I noticed that I got the Dread Shade skillup…but I didn’t have it specialized which was odd. My level 50 skill was locked. I JUST got level 50 and what was already set in the level 50 slot? Dread Shade…so that…was weird. So to answer your question, yes AND no lol.

Weird, glad it worked out! LE is just that amazing, it predicts the skills you want to use and specializes them for you. New feature unlocked!

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