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Cannot Respec Points

I whant to respec points i have in necromancer i curently have 78, but it says im not alowed to respec because i need minimum 28 points in necro…i have 78. Could use some help here.

Passives respec works from bottom to top (now from right to left).
You must remove the higher points before the lower ones, because points on the bottom are the prerequisite for points up.
So start removing the points on the right side (the former top). Don’t let anything there, remove all till you reach what you wanted to respec. Then you’ll be able to reallocate points.
I often don’t even bother with this, I remove everything (from right to left) then I reallocate what I need.

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I have done it as you said. It works. Thank you for the assistance and have a nice day.

Cool, have a nice day also! Always happy to help :slight_smile: