Cannot respec passive points, Bladedancer!

I was gonna respec and go for another build as a Bladedancer and all went as expected (good) until i have 3 points left in “Asuvon’s Pact” under Bladedancer passives, i get a popup that says:
“Cannot respec point
You have a point in Critical Eye, wich requires 35 point in Bladedancer.
Consequently at least 35 points must be invested in Bladedancer nodes that require fewer than 35 points in Bladedancer. If you take a point out of this node then you would no longer have enough points invested into such nodes.”"

The trouble is that i have 38 points invested in Base Rogue passives AND 60 points in Bladedancer passives and i find NO skill or passive called Critical Eye, so i can’t revert those points nor move the 3 points i have still in the not-wanted-anymore “Asuvon’s Pact”-passive to the passives i want to re-invest in.
And, nota bene, i have the lower yellow bar filled to all the way, so there is no shortage, or SHOULD not be any shortage of points to fiddle around as i damn well please, right?

Character name: Shadowdagger
Server: EU West

Hello! It can be difficult to tell from a glance, but the Critical Eye passive is located here. The search bar helps a ton when looking for a specific passive and helps save you a lot of time

Thanks you, i even searched by the searchbar in passives, no indication.
Well, the problem remains, because i have got 5 points invested in that, and five more in the one called “All In” to the right of THAT, but i still can’t respec the 3 remaining points i need elswhere from the above mentioned passive.

Nevermind, i solved it by having to remove EVERY point of EVERY passive to the right of " Asuvon’s Pact… Well, that was a very obstinate way of respec-ing.
Aw, well,one learns a new thing every day, if one is so inclined.
Thanks you for the pointers :smiley:

Case Closed.

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