Cannot proceed in a dungeon with an afk player

We opened a dungeon with a party of 4, one of us was afk (we thought he’d be back in time (pun intended)). The boss fight prompt doesn’t time out or anything, so we’re just stuck waiting for the afk player. Kicking them doesn’t help either.
In Diablo 3 the boss fight prompts time out after a minute and then it asks you whether you want to continue without the players that didn’t accept. This seems like a good solution.


You should probably move this to the bug section of the forum. The devs monitor that section and add things like this to their internal tracking of issues/bugs.

It’s technically more of a design oversight/flaw than a bug though and I like being technically correct/accurate :slight_smile:

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Up to you but the boss fight not ending because someone going AFK sounds like a bug to me. Semantics aside - if you want this to get eyeballs I’d still recommend a bug post.

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