Cannot log into Falconer

I have not been able to log into my lvl 86 Falconer for a week now. He’s stuck on character select screen. When I hit the enter game button my falcon just flies at the screen and nothing happens. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I love the game and have rerolled a Warlock for now but it’s very disappointing to lose the Falconer especially when I was just about to start the end game. Thank you.

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These are my log files. I’m pretty noob when it comes to this stuff so it took me a min figure out how to get these files here lol (110 Bytes)

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BUMP my lvl 74 offline mode Falconer has this exact issue.

Same issue here, i cannot log on my two characters… And on my side even new characters are stucked. I usualy play offline and tried to create a character online, this one start but cannot move and get in the spell bar all the spell from the last charater I tried to start with.

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