Cannot Finish The Ransacked Camp Quest Echo

When doing the questline for The Ransacked Camp Quest Echo, after killing the skull pile miniboss, you cannot complete the rest of the quest, therefore locking you in that monolith and stopping your progress.

This happened to two other people who were in my party at the time. Cannot get an answer on how to progress from the discord, or from the global chat. Hoping to bring some light to the problem here.

Thanks for your time.

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Same issue for me

Does this happen in a party only or solo?

I played solo

Good to know.

Online or offline btw?


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I was in a party of 3.

As a side note, restarting the game as well as steam fixed the issue and allowed me to continue. Had to restart steam though.

Thanks, we’ll take a look.

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For me the game just crashes when trying to enter the ransacked camp echo, a small last epoch window pops up with a loading bar and it shuts down. Any fix for this?

It doesn’t crash for me, if I were to be so lucky. Instead, I get stuck on loading screen, with ability to interact with the screen, if I click around, or open windows. I’ve attempted the echo twice now, and both times, it chews up the points needed, but doesn’t let me into the zone.

currently having this issue on Multi with my partner. We get to killing the bones then… nothing. I guess a jar of remains is supposed to spawn so that you can continue the quest but ours doesn’t appear. We found a possible hot fix saying to restart steam and the game. Hoping this works, if not .9F might just be broken temporarily.