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Cannot Advance Past Elder Pannion in Lower District

Hey y’all. First post here.
I was in the Lower District and found Elder Pannion and initiated the boss fight. After defeating the big void dude and Pannion the shard appeared. I town portaled (thinking the shard would time travel me like the other 2 times) to turn in a side quest. I came back through the portal and clicked on the shard… except Pannion came back and I couldn’t go past the void wall. The quest was completed. I was unable to re-initiate the boss fight to get past the wall.

In order to troubleshoot, I backtracked through the zone and reentered. I spoke with Pannion and completed the fight again. I was able to go past the wall.

It was a minor inconvenience but there’s a bug for ya!


Thank you for finding this, will be fixed in next build. Shard now appears in front of wall, and talking to the shard will now destroy the wall if it is not already gone. Thus, if you leave postfight and preshard, when you come back you can talk to the shard to proceed. If you come back postshard, wall will be gone by default.

Heads up on a remaining issue, if you have a town portal open near where the boss would spawn, the spawn will fail, I believe this is why leaving and coming back may have been failing to respawn the boss. This issue is being investigated. Again, thank you!

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