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Can you multiple select items for stash movement

Sure would make re-arranging the stash a lot faster and a lot less painful.

Do you not shift-click to move them rather than dragging the items into the stash?

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Doesn’t work. Do you know what multiple select means? Next time try your suggestion before posting.

Yes, how unreasonable of me to attempt to help someone while I’m at work…

If you shift right click that moves an item direct to the stash.


Not what I’m asking. I want to "“MULTIPLE SELECT.” I’ve said it 3 times. Look it up. It’s like you select multiple items in a stash tab and move them all to another stash tab with a single click instead of moving each one individually. If you don’t understand, don’t reply. Jeez.

I do understand, you just can’t do it, so I suggested something else.

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No you cant Razguul. Its an option to consider though moving forward. But lets not be testy when someone is trying to help you with a question that you posted. a simple explanation is all thats needed. Now lets move on.

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you would still need to make the same amount of clicks to move multiple items at same time. As you would need to click each item you want to move.

OMG. No you wouldn’t because you would only need 1 click to move them all if they are all selected.

every item you want to move at the same time has to be clicked on to be selected.
so since you have to click on them all anyways just send them one at a time.

This isn’t rocket science…

Maybe I should have clarified that I am interested in the case where you are moving a group of items from 1 source tab to the same destination tab. Then what you say is not correct and multiple select will obviously save you clicks. Otherwise it is.

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