Can you add a Unique Item drop location text

Would be a really nice QoL feature in my opinion if you guys could add a line of text on Uniques that have a specific timeline to farm for increased chance to drop. Letools has it but would be nice not to have to tab out of game to another site to research where to farm. Would be curious if other people would find this helpful , reply if it sounds useful to you guys.

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I actually strongly dislike this. Datamining is already creating artifical problems within the community by people feeling entitled to know every single bit of information from drop location, drop chance, LP chance etc.

I really do think that this kind of information should be strictly kept out of the game and people playing the game should be willing to engage with the game and learn things like that.

It is really not about if it’s helpful or not. I just think that games nowadays should not handhold players too much.

There is no timeline where certain uniques have an increased chance to drop. Guides say you should farm in timeline X because that’s the timeline that has echoes for unique boots or helmets or whatever you’re farming, as opposed to a general unique for any slot.
But the base drop chance is the same.
And each timeline tells you which special rewards it has.

As for showing the base chance to drop on the unique itself, I don’t think that’s relevant for most cases and would be detrimental for cases where the chance is very low, since it could be offputting to new players. Unless it simply lists them as common/uncommon/rare, which is fine.

To be fair, this data is displayed in monos, having it on the item card isn’t a particularly big thing.

That’s not true. He’s referring to the unique/set drop nodes.

They still don’t have an increased chance to drop. They just have a smaller pool to chose from. And only from those special echoes. Uniques dropped everywhere else in the timeline have the exact same drop rate and in any other timeline.