Can we increase the potion pickup radius?

I have just died a couple of times in empowered mono boss runs because I was unable to pickup a potion that was behind a large boss which I couldn’t reach (in this case Heriot who was against the edge of the map).

This is particularly frustrating as I was trying to hug heriot in order to pick up a potion and of course ended up dying because due to pathing + pickup radius of the potion I didn’t actually end up picking it up.

Would it be an issue to just increase the pickup radius of a potion? Alternately you can also also make sure that a potion cannot drop in a spot where you can’t pick it up (although I suspect this is a lot harder than just increasing the pickup radius).

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I agree with this. But I also know it can be an issue for low life builds.

I haven’t played a low life build, what do you mean?

These builds are based on you having low life (less than 35% of your max life) and mass ward. If you drink a potion (which will happen if you pick one), you get life and you lose a huge amount of ward. This leaves you more vulnerable for a short while (the time you lose excedental life and gain ward). At that moment, you could more easily be killed.


Ah I understand now. I guess a setting (ideally per character) that lets you adjust the radius would be ideal.

Is it really that bad? You get 20% of missing health as ward per second. Usually you stack hp and ward retention. The higher your max hp, the less impactful a potion is as it grands a fixed amount of hp. Also you don’t lose ward instantly, do you? You just have a lower gain at this point so you the ward degenerates a bit. This is compensated by the constant drain of your current hp till you get back to the ward amount you hat before (at lowest hp possible).

The higher your ward retention, the lesser the degen rate. And the hp you got from the potion also adds to your eHP pool.

I haven’t done the math or a low life character currently to test. So my apologies if I’m completely wrong here.

I personaly did not have the issue, but I saw several people complaining about it on Discord. Their had a request: an option to disable the “auto drink” feature when we step on a potion. They said it happened to get them killed.

When your belt is full, not many bottles drop anyway. If you then take Strands of Souls, it almost balances out again.

Only if you constantly swallow bottles and collect them accordingly many and often, it gets a little bit bad.
But that’s still nothing compared to the Life Leech, which makes a Ward build almost useless in no time. :wink:

It does usually take a big chunk of your ward away, unless you’re sitting on 4-5k max hp.

i just assumed it a part of LL that you would get 80%+potion gained as ward.

There is a belt that converts potions to ward. :wink:

Yes, alternatively you could get the affix on belt/rings possibly more slots. Mage has idols too. id rather have a rare belt and give ring prefixes instead.

On a somewhat similar note, I think this is also a general problem not just specifically with potions, i.e. here is a case where I cannot pickup a shard because it happened to drop in a spot I can’t reach . Increasing the pickup radius here would also solve that problem.

Another place where there is a similar problem

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