Can we have the ability to disable right click to equip? Also, the stash search function should parse sealed mods

So, recently there’s been the visual bug that causes an item to look like it’s duplicated until you change zones or log out/back in.

This, combined with accidentally right clicking a pair of gloves while moving things around in my stash has caused me to lose one of the best items I owned (well rolled pair of missing life gained as ward experimental exalted gloves). After sorting and starting my next echo, I realized that my ward wasn’t as high as it should have been, and then I realized I was wearing the wrong pair of gloves.

I searched through my stash by that mod affix, and I cannot find the missing pair of gloves. I may have accidentally shattered them due to the visual duplication bug (me thinking I was shattering the pair of gloves I was now wearing instead, because my good gloves appeared as these instead).

That visual bug needs to get fixed, but even more than that, I’d really love if we could just disable right click to equip. I’ve been playing ARPGs for 20 years and this is the first one I’ve ever had the issue of “accidentally equipping” gear. Probably because right click is used in so many other crucial shortcuts (vendoring, sending stuff to stash, etc.).

I’m really bummed that I lost those pair of gloves. Even with a bunch of playtime, I’m not sure I can replace them. I had been teetering on using their last 2 forging potential to dupe them via rune of creation and I now really wish I had done so to give me a backup pair.

Edit: I found the missing gloves!!!
It turns out I couldn’t find them because when searching for “missing health gained”, it wasn’t showing me tabs/items that have that affix sealed. That’s why I couldn’t find them in my dozens of tabs full of stuff.

Leaving this thread up, even though they’re kinda two separate asks/suggestions.

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I don’t actually have an issue with right click to equip. I actually have more of an issue with shift+right click to send to stash/forge/vendor. I’d rather see that one changed and leave right click for equip only. It’s not hard to misclick the shift and accidentally equip stuff.
Though I guess the better option would be to allow us to keybind whatever we want for each one. Personally, I’d keybind middle click for moving items.

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Totally agree.

I think the more general ask of: “Please let us change any and all of the keybinds in the game” would encompass many different problems.

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Letting us change keybinds would also be a step towards controller support and thus also a (small) step towards console support.

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