Can we have a more dynamic skill transition?

Hey devs,
I’m currently playing Lich and Sentinel and I’d wish that transitioning between different skills would be more dynamic.

Example (1) Warpath
When you activate Warpath while walking, the character movement freezes for a short time. Its not much, but its noticable and sometime can feel like having a short lag. You run towards a group of enemies and want to drive through them with your whirl of death. But the second you activate, your movement stopps.

Example (2) Reaper Form
The exact same thing happens. The moment you transform into the Reaper, your movement stopps for a short time. When you use Reap the same thing occurs. It feels like somebody pulls me back on a leash.

For both skills I’d wish that at least we could get rid of the brief movement stopping. But the best thing imho would be to have a smooth transitioning animation. The Sentinel could do a small jump (comparable to void ckeave) towards the cursor and start to spin. Everything instantly without stuttering.

For Reaper Form I’d also like a cool transform animation with an instant use of Reap on activation.

Example (3) Death Seal
On DS activation you see a skill effect and after about a second the waves start to pulse. I’d love to see the first pulse on activation, instantly.

This is not to make the skills even more better in terms of power. It’s just to make the gameplay feel more dynamic and impactful. I love the Roar (Warcry) use on Transform on the Druid Werebear. This way the transition itsself feels nice and timing it correctly to hit as many enemies as possible is fun.

I’m sure there are some more skills that could be tweaked the same way, but these three are the once that just made me aware of this.


Totally agree with Reaper Form, having some fluid animation that transforms you mid-motion would be sick.

Disagree, I think it looks way cooler, because you activate the skill and “draw in the power” to then release those waves after a short delay.

I think this also comes from the fact, that the frequent waves are not the “Main Theme” of the spell, even though this is the most commonly used branch.

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