Can we for the love of God please toggle outlines?

We really need to make game less ugly by disabling unnecessary stuff. Im glad the game doesnt have screenshake and that damage numbers are optional but we need to keep disabling cheap effects.

I never needed the help of outlines to let me know that I am using my mouse correctly. Do you guys find difficult to hovering over certain enemies in this game?

Sometimes its difficult to see where the cursor is when the screen is filled with effects, yes.

I played ALOT of path of exile, and i tend to avoid screen filling builds with the “who knows whats going on screen” while grim dawn is overplayed by me ad infinitum, i hope last epoch can become the game for me to play in the future.

First off, welcome to the forums!

From what I’ve seen through development, the Devs are very active with implementing what the people want that is reasonable. This forum is the correct place for your suggestions. I agree with you that disabling the outlines would be a useful feature. Your phrasing of it could be considered aggressive, but that’s probably because you feel strongly about it.

I think a particle effects slider bar would go a long way for Last Epoch, but I honestly don’t know the percentage of people that would even utilize it (I would) to make it worth their effort.

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