Can we add cooldown radials for dread shade and infernal shade?

Similar to the current way shrine bonuses are shown, there is a green radial that slowly goes around the icon indicating how much time is left on the shrine bonus. Can we please add this same system to active skills like dread shade and infernal shade?

I feel like this would be a wonderful QoL improvement, not only to just these skills but to all that show up as a timed icon.

Dang, I meant to post this in the feedback section.

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I think you might be able to edit it and change the category.

And I agree.

I’d also add that they use different visuals as well. If you put them both on one minion they blend together and you can’t tell when one expires or the other.

At the very least they could make one over the left shoulder and one over the right so you could at least see both of them.