Can Unique affixes be modified when upgrading to Legendary?

I’m pretty new to the game, but I’ve been graced with a pretty nice Volcanus with 57% Increased Fire Damage. However, I also happen to have an Exalted axe that managed to roll a whopping 237% Increased Fire Damage. I’ve read about making Legendary Items by throwing stuff in the Time Fridge and, by my guess, if I tried to mix these two items together, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. The 237% replaces the 57%.
  2. The 237% is added to the 57% (either directly or as a separate affix).
  3. The 57% cannot be replaced and the 237% is lost, even if I have enough Legendary Potential to guarantee it getting picked.

Nice drops have been pretty hard to come by, so I’m pretty anxious about potentially blowing up my few valuable rolls for no benefit. Does anyone happen to know how something like this would shake out so I don’t have to gamble?

It won’t work because you need an exalted 2h sword and not an axe.
I don’t know how much lp you have on your volcanus but you will add between 1 and 4 of the affix from your exalted sword. So if you have 1 lp you will add 1 affix, as a separate affix but its choosen randomly. And you can have another Inc fire dmg, there is no limitations as to what can go on it as long as its on your 2h exalted sword.
I hope I was clear :+1:

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No, it just adds 1-4 randomly chosen affixes from the exalted to the unique. The original affixes on the unique will always be the same.

This answered my question, thank you so much!

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