Can there be a 1s (or whatever) internal cooldown for abilities like Cleric's Hammer (Healing Hands tree) so that we can use it and similar abilities for channeled skills?

I guess it should have been a common knowledge thing but I had never tried it during my time in the beta with similar skills, but channeled abilities like Warpath can only proc abilities like Cleric’s Hammer on the very first hit. Obviously this is for balance reasons and makes sense in the current iteration of the game. However, as somebody who didn’t know this, I can honestly say I was genuinely disappointed to find out it didn’t work when I finally got enough points in to try it.

Is there no way to give these kinds of abilities an internal cooldown when using channeled abilities? There are already similar setups available, such as auto-casting Smite with Warpath with what I assume is some kind of internal cooldown to prevent it spamming out of control.

It’s annoying that Glyph of Dominion will cast many times in a row if I hold it down at all. If I hold it for like 1 second, it’ll blast away all my mana cause it casted 10 times XD.

Although i would rather have reduced proc rate (we already have this exact interaction with ailments) than large internal CD (1 sec is a LOT, 0.5 sec - ideal), but in fact anything would be good for me cause i’m still using HH + Warpath just because i like this combo so much.

EHG, make it happen, make channeled skills proc HH, please!

1 second was just thrown out as an example, I would be totally fine with more or less any solution they came up with as long as I could use more of these nodes while channeling. There’s already a few places in the game where channeling is taken into account so it would certainly be nice if there was a way to not be locked out of the auto trigger skills in some way.

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