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Can the weapons summoned from Forge strike trigger effects on the weapon you use such as magma shards from Volcanus?

Wondering if the weapons can trigger weapon effects or just the player

No. Forged Weapons cannot gain unique effects.

additional question. Has there been discussion about changing the numbers to forge strike? It feels kind of bad right now if you want to path a summoner build out of it. The 40% chance to summon feels so clunky, you’ll summon 50 swords on a map and the AI will get so clunky and trip over itself to get to the target but against bosses its hard to summon a decent amount and get good dps. Perhaps making the weapon summon chance 100% and lowering the duration or something. Just wondering as someone whos been experimenting a forge strike summoner.

Adding more ways to summon Forged Weapons is something we talked about before.