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Can the blessing i have show up again in blessing screen?


Quick question about blessings. Tried googling a bit but cant find any proper answer.

Is it possible to get the same blessing (different roll) after killing a mono boss? Or do i need to swap out my current one that i have to see it again?

I want a better rolled +mana from Lagon, mine sucks. So if i kill him again is there a chance it will show up or do i need to swap it out for another one from him to see the mana one?


Yes, this allows you to get a better roll.

Thank you for the quick answer! Happy easter.

You have the choice to keep your current blessing, also. If the three new blessings are not what you’re looking for, you can keep the one you have.

He’s asking if the same blessing type he currently has, can appear as one of the three new blessings. Not whether he can keep his current one.

True, but the question could also have a secondary meaning. So after the response by Llama, I just added one more information. :wink:
But if it’s not the use here, I can stop.

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