Can spriggan companion entangling root buff main character

Hello all
So I would like to know if the spriggan companion entangling root could buff my main character with the nodes Wild Weapons and Blooming Magic.
The descriptions says “the allies”… but if it is cast by someone elses (a companion in that case)…
Any clue ?

Edit : I just did some testing in Champion’s Gate with the “ennemy” training dummy : my spriggan companion did cast entangling root over me several times, I never saw a change in spirit thorns DPS value (my main char was just standing so that nothing else would proc).
So it seems those nodes can’t benefit the player in solo play.

Those 2 nodes are on your Entangling Roots not your Spriggan’s Ensnaring Roots. Your skill nodes don’t affect your minions’ skills (unless specified).