Can someone please explain this player/pet damage interaction?

  1. If my pets or companions inflict i.e. bleed or poison, does it now “belong” to the pet and thus scale with minion damage instead of the player’s own bleed/poison stats? Is there a difference at all mechanically between player-caused and minion-caused DOTs or do they all scale one and the same?

  2. Do the scorpion companion’s Baby Scorpions still count for Companion bonuses, or are they considered regular minions? I assume the latter is true since the Maternal Instict node specifically states minions, but it could always be just a wording thingy.

Minions have their own stats and damage calculations for everything, their skills and ailments they apply is calculated based on their stats.

Also on that node, if minions kill something, “on-kill” effects for the player do not trigger, since “you” did not do the killing blow.

Baby Scorpions are only regular minions, no companions.

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Thank you.

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