Can somebody explain Lich's mastery to me, I don't seem to be doing more damage despite being on low life

Here is an example of one of my skills at full health - Screenshot-7 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Here is the same skill while wearing an armour that was designed for low health builds - Screenshot-8 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Why such a paltry damage increase considering the difference in life between the the pictures? I guess I should add I am focusing on DoT damage, does the bonus only apply to hit damage? Genuinely do not get it.

Thank you!

The tooltips are not currently an accurate reflection of actual damage. Turn on damage numbers and compare those when you’re actually dealing damage to things.

Not sure exactly what armor you are referring to but all the Lich passives that give damage ie the triple damage on lowlife and Unclosing Wounds are all increased % not more multipliers

Theres very little apart from inside skill trees that give more% damage

That could be a huge factor haha thank you, I know there is a training dummy somehwere, mind telling me where it is?

@Shrukn Armour is Shroud of Obscurity. Totally aware of the passives, just wanted to know why my damage numbers were not changing at all when my health pool went from a lot to very little,

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