Can Shurikens Shotgun?

If I stand close enough, can I shotgun a boss with them? I’ve tried it and sometimes it seems to work, sometimes it doesn’t.

Only Deadly Aim (Shurikens in a line), Chakram (throw+return) and Blade Shield (depending on how many Shurikens spin around you) allows you to hit enemies multiple times with one cast.
Not the default mechanic with multiple Shurikens or Throwing Star node.

Thank you, sir/madam.

Since I have you here, I have another question that I’ll ask here instead of crowding the forum with new topics.

Do you know why my shurikens keep disappearing early when I have them at 100% pierce and rotating around me? They usually last about 4 seconds, but sometimes if I cast them in a clump they do damage once then are gone so I need to recast.

That’s only with Deadly Aim as well.

From memory, they don’t stack so you can only have 1 cast’s worth of shuriken out at any one time. Plus they can be absorbed by certain bits of the environment (like all projectiles).

This confuses me, Blade Shield shurikens can clearly all hit the same mob without Deadly Aim? You need pierce to keep the shield afterwards of course and one blade shield won’t hit the same mob when it comes back around.

I also dont know what u mean

Deadly aim wouldn’t matter in this case since it does not work with blade shield in general.

Blade shield will shotgun however, each shuriken can only hit the same enemy once.

There might still be a bug around that causes shurikens casted by shadows to shotgun but not entirely sure if that was fixed or not.

So your options are blade shield or deadly aim or bug