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Can See Other People's Supporter Forum Titles But Not Mine?


I bought a supporter pack not too long ago and earlier I read there were issues with the forum titles showing.
While browsing the forums today I noticed everyone’s supporter titles showing but do not see mine at all?
I bought it through the website too if this helps. Not linked to Steam or anything yet.
Thanks for your help,

Hi there,

There is a known issue with badges currently being worked on. The issue should be resolved soon.

Kind regards,

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Thanks for the disclosure. I came here with the exact same problem. I have my pet in game and assume the points will be applied once the store comes but I don’t see my badge on the forums yet.

hi there, where do you see the pet ingame? i purchase the game via steam but i dont see the pet im supose to get

Press K in game and the MTX menu should pop up and you can select the pet there.

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