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Can Primalists generate ward?

Hi all! Can Primalists generate ward?
I asked a few times in game chat. Apparently, all Classes can generate ward.
I queried the skills/passive/idols to no avail.
I have good hp, good armor, good LoH but sometimes I get one-shotted (Lagon lvl 100 spitting comes to mind) (I know I have to move from L to R. I’m just asking if we can generate ward if we missed a step)
One more question: Can werebear “charge” Lagon? I tried but I cannot. Any advices?

No Primalist and none of his masteries have anything to inherently generate ward.

The sweeping beam is meant to be a 1-shot mechanic. You can certainly build to face tank it with no boss damaging modifers in your echoes, but that is just an outliner.

You definitely need to learn the fight. Once you fully understood how it work and how you can control, where he uses the sweeping beam it becomes really hard to “fail” or “miss step”. Just a matter of pratice.

If you want to understand the mechanic more, feel free to dm me and i will walk you throug this, or demostrate it)

There are many skills that behave strangely on the platform. But skills like charge and lunge do not work. Not sure fi that might get changed in the future.

Many thanks Heavy. Much appreciated.

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