Can Plague from multiple sources stack?

say from Spirit Plague and Aura of Decay?

You can only have 1 stack of plague from all sources. It doesnt stack

Have some other questions;

  1. Does reduced healing effectiveness negatively effect leech?
  2. Will Drain Life still leech life if you take the “no longer leeches life” effect, but still leech at the “leech from spells” + “leech from damage”?
  3. For your Lich Build…would Reaper’s Acendancy potentially be better than Death’s Door in Reaper skill tree?
  4. Which abilities can actually apply “on hit” bonuses from Plaguebearer’s staff and Soulfire outside Reap? It was my understanding (maybe someone in game chat told me wrong) that spells don’t apply “on hit” and only physical skills or attacks do.

Thanks you!
Loving your content, keep it up!

Healing effectiveness has no interaction with leech

nope. taking the no longer leech life means no sources of leech will work for drain life.

im at work and cant look up what these nodes do

everything hits that is not tagged a damage over time skill. You can see this by hovering over the skill on your skill bar and seeing what tags it has, if it doesn’t have DOT (damage over time) then it hits. this works for all spells/skills
EDIT: There are skills like Hungering souls that will have dot tags but still do an INITIAL hit, they apply all your ailments on hit 1x on their initial hit but not during the duration of damage over time. These skills can be misleading and confusing but theres only a few of them.

That’s what Acolyte Class is for.

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Ill be honest. Did not even know that was a thing.

Yup, Tunk added the passives a while ago.

Thanks! will help a lot while at work.

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It will reduce your posts-per-second though.

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Is that information publicly available? or do I have to manually do the math? Whos winning?

It kinda is publicly available:

You’ve got the join date & total posts (rounded to the nearest 100) → posts per hour.

I’m not willing to do that maths…

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