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Can language localization work be done by users and distributed?

I want to talk to the developer about whether it is possible to work and distribute in order for people who like games to play the game more comfortably. It is intended to be used until language localization is activated.

Hi, Welcome to the forum.

Short Answer: No.

Read the Future Plans section of the official FAQ


So we absolutely want to offer more languages, it will just take a lot to get done right and something we will need to look into as we’re down the road and have the core game in proper order.


Too bad because on Grim Dawn it had been the case and had worked well :innocent:

Honestly, imho… if the game were done and the devs had updated all the 1000’s of skill/item info and alts to the final English, then I expect they may have a different approach…

but right now its like translating a book while the author is still working on the first draft… thats just foolish…

I persist, on Grim Dawn, the game was in beta phase, and players have applied themselves to translate it in French, the little change that there was in the final version did not change anything, because the bulk of the translation had been done. What is stupid is to think that the game will change radically as we approach version 0.90.
There will surely be minimal changes, but that would not affect the translation already made on the basis of the game. That would save a lot of time.

Having been involved in the translation of a few websites and software applications, I disagree with your assessment of the complexity of the issue.

What you (and I) do not have any insight into is how the game was developed with translation in mind and where all the textual content that the game uses resides and how it is programatically referenced…

The devs have alluded to issues around how there are autogenerated texts in some areas and not in others and this has complicated a lot of the issues - especially continuity across skill descriptions and various other areas - there are plenty of tooltip updates that are reported with simple things like grammatical errors and others with more complex interpretation of the game rules type errors… And thats just the tip of the iceberg…

There are also 3 chapters of content still outstanding and 3 more classes to come before 1.0 which will have 5 new skills each with much more text and information… There is also a full game review pass that could affect a lot of the textual content in the game to make it all more cohesive.

Then there is the management of translators across multiple languages (yes, there have been MANY requests to help translate the game - Korean, German, French… I cannot even recall all of them, there have been so many) and the proofing of the results in all the languages by people who understand that the grammar of a translation might not be correct to what the game is trying to explain… i.e. experienced translators, not just people offering a service.

It may not please everyone but I consider the approach that EHG has taken wrt. the issue of translation to be prudent and professional. It may take longer, but I am pretty sure that no-one wants translation that sounds like the safety instuctions on the back of chinese fireworks… and I quote “Hold in hand and run away”


Well, if what Mike Weicker, Senior Developer at EHG, said on Discord is true then it sounds like this is very much going to be the case – specifically in terms of changes to text.

This quote is from a much longer exchange between Mike and someone wanting to develop a translation mod and distribute it.

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Masteries, not classes.

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Letting amateurs do localization is never a good idea.