Can i be fully dependant on minions?

to make it short i just wanna know if i can have zero combat abilities and only depend on my minions to do all the work, are they good enough? also one more question, what stats do minions inherit? does my character’s attack/defence/crit affect my minions or they have their own stats?

Minions will only inherit stats that specifically say minion on them. The only stat that minions will get outside of this will be based off of their scaling tags. For Necromancer that stat is going to be Intelligence.


Minions usually scale with one attribute (intelligence for necro).

Otherwise, they scale with affixes and nodes that specifically mention minion: increased minion damage (over time) for example.

Yes, it’s possible to play a necromancer that only uses minions, they can be very strong.


I have my own build. I have 3 spells for spawn minions - volatile zombies,wraith, skeletons + at low hp big wraith spawn + blood spell to take hp from dmg and spawn of ghosts wandering around make dmg …and i just do only one thing - dodging and waiting few first seconds before my minions will blast enemy down like with nuclear explosion. Ye its possible.

yes, they are called dodge ball minion builds. Using disposable minions to solve a problem they can do 100’s of k of DPS when min/max BIS.

How does intelligence affect minions? I tried to find an explanation so I’ll know if I should put points in skills that increase intelligence,but couldn’t find much.

Yes you CAN, you can have all perm mininons for every spell slot. Golem, Abom, Stelitons, Skelly mages, and perm wraiths. Just run around and occasionally resummon any that die.

Look up Aaron over at Action RPG(youtube) He has a Lazy Necro Minion build that I have mostly online. Really need the rings to get started and from there it’s just praying to RNGesus for Aaron’s Will… I have slotted; Wraith, Death Shroud, Volatile Zombie; Skeleton Mages and Bone Golem… I cast no spells, I use a potion and summon my Death Shroud when it’s down… I can easily clear all empowered monos at 100 corruption(haven’t pushed it higher) I’m level 88… Once I get gloves and chest and craft better items. I can see this thing pushing well into the 300+ range before I might need to find some power improvements.

I just hit level 72 but so far my build has been kind of hobbled together as full minion, I’m running Perm Buff Dread Shade, Rogue Skeles, Fire Wraiths, Death Knight Teleport Mages, and Frost Golem. Pretty Much as long as I don’t stand in anything my minions delete everything.

Have you faced Lagoon in monolith quest yet? …just asking :innocent:

Yes you can be fully dependent on minions. I have a level 100 Necromancer with the Archmage and he stands in the face of nearly anything thrown at him. There are also other builds such as the FG with MA and FW which can handle the high corruption as well.

i have not, though when i did the campaign version earlier that fight was somewhat rough just because I’m currently a glass cannon with a much of +minion damage on my gear and not much else!

Ingame, hoover over your skill and press “alt + ctrl” for more infos. Usually, intelligence gives +4% increased damage for the acolyte’s minions, as well as some flat life per health.

Campaign Lagon is not hard. His attacks are very predictable.

Talking about monolith quest - Ending the Storm I think.

Lagon attacks faster for sure and the waves come from a different direction but if you know the mechanics then it should just be a gear check.

I’ve killed him with a beastmaster who was slightly under leveled.