Can anyone explain this weird damage pattern I am seeing...?

Something ain’t right.

My build is a Necro using a single Archmage Skelly. If I enable damage numbers, I can see what damage the Archmage does. I am doing no damage myself. My Archmage always crits.

I am running Age of Winter, empowered at 200 corruption, but it could be anywhere, I see the same weird pattern.

In one echo, I see my Archmage doing a fairly consistent 20k per hit with his ice shards. Then I move to the next echo, and suddenly his hits are doing only 5k, again fairly consistently. This swing between low 5k hits and 20k hits more or less occurs at random with no obvious reason for it happening. There are no map mods that would explain it, there is no enemy crit avoidance or glancing blow chance in play for example. It cannot be due to resistances either, because the pattern shows for every enemy I hit.

Can anyone explain whatever I am missing that is causing this?

For the record, latest echo (where damage is down to 5k) has the following mods operating…

Enemies slow on hit (newly added)
Enemies have 42% increased health and damage
Enemies have increased move speed
Enemies have 70% more health and damage
Enemies have 40% more endurance <---- surely this is not enough to cause 20k hits to drop to 5k?

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I’ve been running a minions build the last week or so and I am seeing virtually the same thing. I’ve pretty much ruled out modifiers.

All my minions are using missiles and for me, this seems to be the culprit. I’ve noticed that in areas with wonky elevations the same enemy type I had in the last echo takes twice to three times as long to kill and often only because I ‘maneuver’ the minions to a different spot.

I think it’s the missiles and elevations. It doesn’t just happen on minions for me. I see it happen with Marksman builds. I was working on a spam Javelin built (not going well but that’s another story) and there are numerous spots where any missile types just seem to pass into the terrain.

Don’t know if this is ‘works as intended’ but a) if it is, then they should indicate in some way shape or form that terrain will greatly limit ranged missile hits because there’s no way for us to actually AIM up hill or downslope or b) it gets some serious attention in the fixes leading up to 1.0. For me this is one of the most frustrating ‘bugs’.

I don’t think it is terrain-related. In both cases, my hits are hitting enemies just fine. The damage numbers are always yellow (Archmage always crits), but simply small in some echoes.