Campaign Shortcuts - missing things

Levelling an alt finally, and just ran through Souilfire Bastion. Turns out level 30 in a level 45 zone is fine with good gear. Anyway, I realized I am missing almost all idol slots and some passive points.

Seems ridiculous you can’t get just all the points and slots you missed from the campaign when completing the shortcut path - otherwise what is the point?

  • Do we still need to follow a 3rd party guide for the “shortcuts” ?
  • If so, does anyone have a good current one?
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Yeah… Doing the current “skip campaign” path, you DO save a lot of time but it certainly doesn’t mean you skip the campaign entirely, etc. Also. still have to click quests in your log to see if a side quest would give you idol slot/passive point and do those ones.

They have stated that they mean to work on the campaign skip options, so we have that going for us. Just no timeline for it yet that I am aware of.

To my knowledge, yes BUT I did this skip campaign option several times this cycle and after a couple of times, you start to realize that it all comes down to:

-Do campaign until you unlock the next dungeon on your path (note it’s level, the level is more generous when skipping campaign but still take note)… do the dungeon when you have enough power. You may start out getting wiped but as long as you’re levelling, it doesn’t matter IF you have the keys.

-Then do campaign/side-quests that give passive points/idol slots. RINSE-REPEAT.

-Also do the last part of the campaign to get +1 to attributes.

-RINSE repeat. That is IT. Once you ingest that, guides aren’t needed. It’s silly but after 2-3 times, you start to realize that the map lays it out for you. Do campaign until the next skip point, rinse-repeat. The only exception is: do side-quests that will yield passives and idol slots.

Good to know, and thanks for the tips. I guess I’ll keep moving on and look for quests that list points/idols. After I hit monos I’ll see what I missed!