Campaign & Quality


As a lover of arpg diablo like, I really loved the game, also the campaign, bu I noted some lack of quality I would like to report. Not priority, I agree, but I think important.

  1. I really loved time rift and time travel, especially short one when you open a window on the past or future for a while, teh come back. But… These rift are present only on the first half of the campaign. In the second half there is no time travel which I found very boring.
    → suggestion: add some of these time travel also in the second part of the campaign, if possible w/ some reward (even if temporary, eh a random buff for the duration of that chapter) to increase interest.
    I heard about a chap 10, don’t forget ime travels in a game about time traveling…

  2. I think the campaign in a bit too easy… I keep the same items level 4 until Lev 60 because I don’t need to improve them.

  3. many dialogue don’t have audio, only text… Some have half audio half text… I think you needed to save money or give priority to other things, but I find poor this aspect. It appear as an incomplete game I suggest little by little to complete audio files

  4. many images in chat windows are not coherent w/ toon and names, especially elders which appears like young boy…

  5. Italian language :pleading_face: