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Campaign build for Forge Guard

Hello. I’m currently leveling a Forge Guard with a “home-made” build. Do you think this build may become endgame viable, or did I make huge mistakes?

This is the gear you currently have/use?

Because those uniques will not bring you to late game, if you take them all at once.

Apart from that, the Rive Skill Spec Tree seems not to fit well with your build.
You choose “Gaze Into The Abyss” on the top left side, which does not benefit you at all with your current gear. You would need alot of flat melee void damage, to make that node benefit you.

Spec those three points from top left “Gaze into the Abyss” and “Insidious” out and go for attack speed or just basic “more dmg” to the third strike. (“Flurry” bottom right or “Brutality” top right)

All other stuff seems to fit well together, you have rive as a filler and forged strike as a spender.
Smite and Ring Of Shields are great utility/defensive skills.

If you do not want to take a movement skill (except smite) you definitely need T5 movement speed on the boots in conjunction with good rolled silver rings, to get enough movement speed.
Some of the endgame bosses wil require you to move out of stuff fast.

Yes, it’s my current gear.
I’ll change as you suggest, thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, once you get better gear, you really should aim for high armor base types or with other good defensive implicits.

Having low mobility needs to be countered, by being very tanky in LE.

Also don’t forget to get enough sustain, either through hp regen, or leech.
The heal from RoS is nice, but not enough on it’s own.

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Yes, I’ll have to change most of my stuff when reaching endgame. ^^

Campaign finished, new version of the build:

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