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Campaign areas exploration suggestion


Sorry if there is an existing topic about this, could not find it.
I am reaching the end of the 1st timeline, and I find 2 things kind of sub-par in this otherwise very promising game:

  • Exploring main and optional areas is not really rewarding. Very few sidequests, or special encounters to reward those who like a fully cleared minimap.
  • Having the minimap instantly lose all progress when leaving an area is very unappealing to me.

Are those 2 points intentional, or is that on the improvement radar ?

Hi there,

So, for your first point - this kind of polish is something that games typically receive towards the end of their development. We often have discussions on examples of cool encounters we could put in the game, however this isn’t something we’ll focus on in the near future.

The current level of zone persistence is a technical limitation. Improvements coming! :slight_smile:


Your reply times are outstanding :smiley:

Thanks for the info.


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