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Camera should follow cursor

I just played kind of similar game, but in that game with the same camera where you can’t see far to bottom. But there is a nice solution — you can set an option, which makes camera drift from standard position in direction of your cursor, and the more far cursor from your character — the further camera is shifting. This way I just totally forget about any camera issues, it feels so smoothly and effective. And it’s not hard to implement too. I would highly recommend to add similar option to LE.

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I think i would have an epileptic seizure when i stutter step away from enemies while fighting them with constant camera angle rotation towards my cursor. Wouldnt it make more sense to implement it like in Grim Dawn to freely rotate the camera whenever you want? I hope i understood you correctly.
But keep in mind, devs create their world around that fixed camera angle, so once you give players freedom to rotate the view you also have to add more details in the zones when you look to certain objects from the other side—> more time to wait for release until the world is polished.
Implementations like these always come with a big downside and alot more little things to focus on.

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No, I think he wants the camera’s focal point to be the cursor rather than the player character.

You got it wrong — I don’t suggest to rotate camera, that would be awful. I mean that your character will not always at the center of screen. For example, you move cursor down and camera move down a bit. It feels very natural, when you play it like this.

Ah now i see, sorry got confused abit first. Well ignore my first post, because this actually makes more sense to me yes.

Sacred 2 allowed you to rotate the camera & that worked well. Though it was more open world than LE.

Maybe it could work for slow exploration, but not for arena, for example.

I would say, with a toggle on/off key bind, this would work great throughout the game and totally fix my main problem with having to move down in a map :wink: