Calamity helmet instakills character on high ignite stack

After today´s patch the Calamity helmet has started to instakill me. It seems like it transfers all ignite stacks from certain enemies on their death (sometimes when they are still alive) on to the player. I had like 250 stacks of ignite on a boss and then I just died of ignite (cold boss) and said the helmet killed me. Has happened bunch of times now. In the example the situation is different and in that one I think the rare mob bugs stacking damage infinitely. But it has happened on 1 vs 1 battles where no mobs die hence not proccin the helmets´ “4 damage over 2 seconds” ailment.


Death screen:

Video of an (bad) example:

In this example the rare mobs get like infinite stacks of damage from my ignites, I´m not sure if it´s supposed to work that way? At these 100 level areas third of the mobs work this way. Regular rare I can face tank with that 2k ward ez. But when this “calamity” happens I just get burned through of 2k ward and 1k health like butter. x)