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Buying/upgrading supporter packs

I’d like some explanation about how upgrading from the base version bought on steam works.

As I understand Steam Version = Ardent Gladiator Supporter (Beta Series)

When I go to Shop section here, I can still buy Ardent Gladiator for the full price and it’s not marked as owned.

So my question is:

If I’d want to buy the next supporter pack called “Ardent Champion” would I have to pay the difference between Gladiator and Champion or the whole price and I receive a 2nd game key?

Obviously both behaviours might be expected by different people, I’d love to be able to upgrade what I have into higher tier without paying for the tier I already own again (thus not receiving 2nd key).

I hope my wording wasn’t too bad, if you need any clarification into my question let me know.

Best Regards,

Edit: Found this: Upgrade Supporter Pack - Steam

Apparently it’s not possible.

So my question would be do you plan to change that in the future?

I´m planning to do the same thing, and I guess I have to get in touch with Support through actual Support. Yes, that means through Asking Support here (NOT here on Forum) but to get them to send you a reply through your E-mail.

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