Buy this or Lost Ark?


Just curious - for someone who’ll likely only buy one ARPG during the next 12 months or so, do you think they should buy Lost Ark or Last Epoch first? (Assuming they’ll own both eventually.)


It really depends on what you want out of your ARPG.

I’d recommend watching some YouTube vids by Sywo. His class overviews will give you a pretty good feel for the classes and combat.

I will say that I find Lost Ark’s combat to be far more satisfying. Last Epoch’s attacks get criticized for lacking impact when you hit enemies, and that feeling is definitely not an issue with Lost Ark. The skills have oomph and are visually satisfying.

Unlike the more traditional one button spam style of traditional ARPGs, you get more MMO style combat with combos and rotations in Lost Ark.

There’s also the aesthetics which are quite different. If you like the Korean style character visuals, you want Lost Ark.

If it were me, I would buy the game that is not going to be the PC equivalent of a grindy mobile MTX driven game, so, Last Epoch.

Did you also ask this question in the Lost Ark forum?

Id argue that Lost ark is about as much as an ARPG as warframe is or dungeon fighter or any “Action” game.

ARPG defined by PoE, Grim dawn, Last epoch, Torchlight, etc. is an isometric diablo-like.

Lost ark only shares the isometric part, its nothing like any of those games, I played the english closed beta, I was bored after about 6 hours of play because I was doing fetch quests and looping my combos 1-2-3-4-5 on repeat.

Sorry lost ark fans, for me and my crew that game is not an arpg and im not quite sure why it keeps being marketed as one when really its just an mmo with raids and questing and what not.

It’s just “marketing”, it creates a larger customer base.

Apart from that, I would have nothing against such a game, but with the skills and item system of Last Epoch!
→ These two systems are really weak in Lost Ark.

That’s a curious question. :slightly_smiling_face:

To answer it, no - I am not able to do so;

First of all, you don’t have to buy Lost Ark to play it.
You only need to buy supporter pack if you want guarantied spot in upcoming beta.
You can already try Lost Ark on 3 different release versions (KR, JPN, RU), with RU being the least hassle to do.
My advice would be to do just that. Find a guide how to play RU version with translation, spend some time on it and see if you like it.

You are absolutely right. But I also don’t think anyone marketed Lost Ark as an ARPG. I think it’s mostly confused fanbase who looked at the isometric view of the game and combat style of the game and assume it is one.

If I don’t have LE already I’d go for Lost Ark for sure. No idea how long it will take untill LE even releaases.

Buy Kenshi, its one of the greatest games ever made

I bought a new PC as my old one died, right as I had finished everything in Expedition league so I lost all my Last Epoch characters as I usually play LE during PoE down time

I ended up buying Kenshi and cant believe how good it is to the point I dont want the next PoE league to begin and havent logged back into LE since prior to buying the game

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