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But what does it do?

Hello Guys,

I purchased the game couple of days ago and I love it so far, however there some mechanics that are still not very clear to me, regardless of the awesome tooltips, so I’m just gonna dump all my questions here.

I can see how much % + Void DMG I have but I don’t know what is my actual Void DMG

Thanks in advance, and apologies if I’m asking stuff that have been already answered -

Where can I see the base DMG and DPS of a skill. For example I’m using Hammerthrow and I don’t see the DMG that skill does, nor how this DMG has been achieved - how much of it is physical, how much is void, what is the base dmg, how much DMG to that skill i have from Str etc.

What is the duration of Stun?

Does Throwing Attack Speed refer to X mount of thrown projectiles for a second?

Passive Skill - Aegis of Renewal - is the mount of heath received affected by Health Leach?

Passive Skill - Rot Ripples - is this an active skill, it requires an enemy to be affected by Time Rot but I cannot see a skill with that name?

Passive Skill - Juggernaut - Are throwing attacks and Spells considered “Hits”

Are skills that have Armor or Fire penetration for example still mitigated by Block protection?

Passive Skill - Valor - does it effect both leach and regeneration per second?

Active Skill Hammerthrow - Node - Enra’s Technique - What happens if my hammers Sprital, Orbit and Chain, which effect is going to take effect if I pick up this node>

Thank you!

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  1. Base damage: As far as I know you can’t, and this is one of the biggest issues the game currently has for me. I cannot stress enough how much I hate not know ANY of my base combat stats.
  2. Stun = 0.4 seconds.
  3. It is basically just attack but specific to throwing skills.
  4. Don’t know
  5. Don’t know
  6. Juggernaught: Yes, if the spell is not a damage over time one. The aura from the Hammers would not be hits but the hammers themselves are hits.
  7. Not 100% sure but intuitively they should be because in the case of a block it should add the protections, then calculation the penetration against them.
  8. Don’t know
  9. Not 100% sure but I would guess all of the effects. It’s pretty quick to relevel a skill once you hit lv50+ so try it out and let us know!

DMIZZL, I totally agree the lack of base combat stats is driving me nuts. One of the main reasons why I love RPG games is the ability to calculate your progression and I cannot believe that such a basic aspect of the game is missing.

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  1. I wish I could see base damage of skills here as well.
  2. Stun is 0.4 seconds by default
  3. Throw attack speed increases attack rate rate and animation of throwing skills see
  4. Aegis of Renewal that a heal on block proc it not effected by life leech at all. It will be boosted by the passive skill Valor +% increased healing effectiveness in Paladin though.
  5. Time Rot, that’s a void damage DOT proc that can be unlocked on void damage skills plus warpath.
  6. Hit = any thing that hits a mob both spells and attacks, not dots.
  7. If you open Character sheet and mouse over each section you told in tool tip how it works. Block boosts protections and armour by it block value.
  8. Valor says it boosts healing that is any skill or passive that give you health like Aegis of renewal and Paladin healing spells. It’s not leech or regen.
  9. Hammerthrow. Enra technique, well it depends what other nodes you picked up. Orbit replaces Spiral so you cant have both of these effects. If you take chain on top of these, my guess is you get both effects but cant confirm. If you got no modifiers its just +10% damage.

Thank you for the input Kotli,

Actually orbit and spiral do not cancel one another. I will test it in the following days, because I have made some mistakes in my build and when I have results I will share.

If the Enta’s Technique can give you all effects it would be the most unbalanced skill in the tree :slight_smile:

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