New player and really enjoying the game so far.
Would be great if there is somewhere to check out some builds ideas, is there any such link?

Not that I know of. I hope someone comes up with a great solution though :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, hopefully in the future.
Im just after build ideas to get a good grasp on the game before i make some of my own.

I would search / post in the base classes that you are thinking about, there may be idea’s of some builds there.
but all it costs is some gold to respec anything in the base tree, or time to re-focus on another skill (as I hear, at 40-50 skills level up fast, so not such an issue trying one and then changing, or re-doing one to change some of the choices in the skill).

Best thing I can suggest is join Discord and check each section on the forums specific to the class:



Looks like someone might be on the case:

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Kudos to the owner!. Added to my bookmarks.

An official skill planner would be very useful at some point, dev bandwidth permitting.

I find this to be very true. It makes it pretty easy to try out other things at that point and then easily go back if you prefer the earlier skill. I like the system a lot. Definitely makes it easier to try out different things.

It would be nice, but at this point, I think it’d be nicer to see tooltips ingame, or the rogue class :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll get there–even if the devs don’t get the official builder up for a year, someone in the community will jump in.

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Builds:Builds - Official Last Epoch Wiki is one source.

Geogalvanic has made it easy for anyone to post their build there.

10 Reasons why you should post your build on the wiki - #6 by Jerle explains how to post your builds.


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