Build theory for scaling markswoman

HI i found out that da has aperently a poison node whice i found rly intresting to do a build around but dont have the time to min max it right now thx to im trying other builds. thinking of having this for arena.

The idea of the build is obviusly stacking poison dmg whit da/shurikens for aoe and hail of arrow shuriken for singeltarget, to have scaling dmg thx to poison has no max stacks. you can swap shurikens for flurry or acid flask but wanted shurikens for somthing to do while waiting on mana to come back. i jjust maxed out poison dmg and dmg over time in the build planer and i got 907% increased over time and 839% inc poison dmg but thats whit lucky t7 rolls. i dident put in poison durration but thats another imnportant stat to have for the poison to last longer.

im currious what you who have done hige lvl arena think if it culd work or if the aura of decay lich is better for stacking poison dmg.

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